Broger's End Kangaroo Valley

With a status of near threatened and with their population in decline, Broger's End is very proud to be home to a population of platypus.

In October 2019 we had the pleasure of hosting 50 school children through the Illawarra Environmental Education Centre and researchers from the University of New South Wales involved in “Project Platypus“.

This lovely adult female featured in the video below was found just a little downstream from our favourite swimming spot in the river, and with a few scars on her tail (most likely from mating) was tagged and released back into her home. How lucky are we to have our own resident platypus?!

Video courtesy of Gilad Bino (UNSW)

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Both the Dairy and the Shed have their own private gardens for you to enjoy during your stay. There are quiet places to relax, and a variety of herbs, vegetables and fruit to sample and eggs from the chickens to use in your cooking.

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Kangaroo eating grass


Kangaroo Valley – the name says it all right?
With an abundance of kangaroo and wallabies, its a nature lovers paradise!

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A wombat on grass


Kangaroo Valley isn’t only home to Kangaroos – Broger’s End has healthy wombat population too!

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With over 20,000 different species of bees around the world and 1,500 native bee species in Australia, the honey bee is with out a doubt the most famous!

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Broger’s End is certified by EcoTourism Australia. We are powered by the sun with our solar panels and Tesla battery. We collect rainwater for all our water and have composting systems for food scraps and other waste. We aim to tread as lightly as we can on this beautiful part of the world.