“Food glorious food”

Broger's End Kangaroo Valley

With so many amazing places to eat within the Valley, towards the coast and in the Highlands - there is no shortage of great food!

Our favourite places in Kangaroo Valley for breakfast and lunch are Hampden DeliThe General and Maddison’s. All use fresh local produce, have delicious food and excellent service!

Other fantastic places for lunch and dinner include Jing Jo’sThe Friendly Inn PubMango TreeBuona Pizza and Southern Pies. Don’t forget Betty’s Smokehouse, where you can pre order a variety of delicious smoked meats and salmon for takeaway – yum!

In Berry, our favourites are il localeMilkwood Bakery and The Hungry Duck

Prefer to head to Bowral? Check out Biota and Bistro Officiana for a fancier dinner and dont forget to pick up some scrumptious pies from Flour Salt Water

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Both the Dairy and the Shed have their own private gardens for you to enjoy during your stay. There are quiet places to relax, and a variety of herbs, vegetables and fruit to sample and eggs from the chickens to use in your cooking.

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A firt walking track surrounded by trees

Walking Trails

Whether you’re looking for an easy family friendly walk or something a bit more strenuous, there is a walking trail at Broger’s End or around Kangaroo Valley for you!

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River Activities

The river you would have crossed to get here is great for swimming! The best place is probably in line with the shed but feel free to go exploring for other spots! Be very cautious when swimming in a river as submerged rocks, trunks and logs can be very hard to see.

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Wildlife Spotting

While meandering around the variety of landscapes which make up Broger’s End Kangaroo Valley you will see plenty of native animals, especially if you are patient, quiet and keep your eyes peeled.

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Broger’s End is certified by EcoTourism Australia. We are powered by the sun with our solar panels and Tesla battery. We collect rainwater for all our water and have composting systems for food scraps and other waste. We aim to tread as lightly as we can on this beautiful part of the world.