Broger's End Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley - the name says it all right? With an abundance of kangaroo and wallabies, its a nature lovers paradise!
Most famous for its way of moving; hopping, the Kangaroo is Australia’s largest marsupial. With their forward facing pouch, seeing a joey nestled in brings delight to everyone! We have a few mob’s living around the property of Broger’s End, with the most common Kangaroo hangouts marked on our walking trails with a red K. Don’t forget to tag @brogersend in any piccys you take!
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A wombat on grass


Kangaroo Valley isn’t only home to Kangaroos – Broger’s End has healthy wombat population too!

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With a status of near threatened and with their population in decline, Broger’s End is very proud to be home to a population of platypus.

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Broger’s End is certified by EcoTourism Australia. We are powered by the sun with our solar panels and Tesla battery. We collect rainwater for all our water and have composting systems for food scraps and other waste. We aim to tread as lightly as we can on this beautiful part of the world.