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Five Barrel Pale Ale


Our Pale Ale is an Australian twist on a classic American style. This beer typifies the type of session beer we love to drink at Five Barrels. It is light and easy drinking with a good smack of hop flavours and aromas, chased by a light biscuity body.

We think that a good Pale Ale has to strike the right balance between the malt and the hops; it can’t be too sweet, but it can’t be too bitter either. It’s all about balance, and we think ours is pretty bloody good.

Technical Notes

ABV 5.3%
IBU 30 (approx)
Malt Pale, crystal, biscuit
Hops Cascade, Galaxy
Tasting Notes

Appearance Clear, gold
Aroma Passionfruit, citrus, light sweet maltiness
Flavour Passionfruit, citrus, mild piny resin, moderate bitterness,
gentle sweetness
Body Medium

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